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 Are you a software developer? You have tested and tested your software but when you release it … a paying customer finds that elusive “bug”!

Often times a new pair of eyes and a”dumb user” could have prevented this problem. To ensure your product is “break tested” let me “have at it” and try every nook and cranny.


David Taylor” Have you spent what seems like an eternity creating a software product you are certain will work and make your fortune?

Do you think you have covered all possible eventualities?  Well think again!!

With Jennifer Taylor’s testing service, prepare to have your pride shattered and your hopes and dreams shot down in flames. Using her uncanny knack of breaking things that worked perfectly well on your own PC, she will go through your baby and hack it to bits, pressing things that no other sane person would press.  She’ll find something you thought you’d removed but only shows up if you press a specific sequence of keys at the same time.

“No one will do that” you’ll argue. “I did” will be your short reply.

So off you’ll go again, searching your code for some kind of loophole she could potentially discover, wondering all the time if you should just chuck it and start again. Then when you think it’s ok again, she’ll send more corrections.

You’ll cry
You’ll tear your hair out
You’ll kick the dog

But I would still rather have Jennifer doing it than a paying client. At least Jennifer uses wee smiley faces. Overall, I recommend Jennifer’s service. You’ll have no hair but you will have a well-tested software”

David Taylor,

I can test on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, and online applications.

Contact me to discuss your requirements – Skype: jenniferctaylor.

We can agree a “package” or I can keep track of time and charge per hour.

Book Your Software Testing today!


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